Anterior Crossbite

This patient had some of the upper front teeth bite behind the lower front teeth. This is also called an anterior cross bite. Cross bites don’t go away on their own and can cause pain and jaw issues if left untreated. Thankfully, this patient came to us early and we corrected the issue without surgery!

Overbite (Class II)

An overbite is also called a “Class II”. When the lower back teeth bite too far behind the upper teeth, it creates an overbite in the front.


Crowding in the front teeth with good molar relationship allows for a relatively simple procedure with Invisalign®.

Deep Bite

The upper teeth overlap the lower teeth too much, creating a deep bite that can cause gum recession and damage to the upper teeth’s roots.

Spacing / Gap

Spacing between the front teeth created a gap. These spaces tend to grow with time and can influence confidence or, in rare cases, teeth may become loose and one may experience pain or discomfort. Early prevention with Invisalign® can rectify this without surgery!

Severe Crowding

Severe crowding of the teeth can cause pain in the jaw, discomfort, or difficulty chewing. This patient used Invisalign® aligners with 2 extractions to get her straight and healthy smile.