Exceptional Orthodontic Experience!

“It took 5 months of constant searching to find a orthodontist as qualified as Dr. Greenberg. My daughter has a very severe overbite as well as some serious orthodontic needs. After months of searching I am so pleased and relieved to have found her. The staff as well as Doctor Greenberg exceeded all expectations. My daughter was very apprehensive, the comfortable and cozy environment truly helped her to relax. They were extremely flexible with payment plans and dead-on with their pricing. I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg and her staff especially to parents like myself, who have only the highest standards for their beloved children. Anyone who has Dr. Greenberg as their orthodontist is truly fortunate. We are so unbelievably lucky to have found her.”


Professional and Efficient

“What I love about Dr. Greenberg’s office is that the people who work there are real and do a great job with their patients. I chose the Invisalign treatment & love how it’s going. They address all my vanity concerns and make me feel at ease no matter how silly my questions may seem. As one who is in the Entertainment Industry, I value professionalism and efficiency; Dr. Greenberg’s staff is right there to make you shine whether it be on film or in Chemistry class.”


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I Appreciate the Staff

“Hello, my name is Nathan and I will be talking about my time here at Dr. Greenberg’s office. It was a great experience and they are always so kind. They always ask if I’m ok, if anything hurts, anything poking etc. I won’t forget my time here and I will recommend this place to friends and family that need work on their teeth. I appreciate the staff and hope their business goes on and on.”

Nathan B.

Where Beautiful Smiles are Made!

“That is Dr. Greenberg’s mission statement and it couldn’t be more true! My treatment is now complete and I couldn’t be more satisfied. EVERYWHERE I go people say, “Oh my God your teeth are beautiful!” and I owe it all to Dr. Greenberg. Not only is Dr. Vickie Greenberg a gem to deal with but the entire staff is great! I enjoyed my experience at Dr. Greenberg’s.”

Malikah G.

Invisalign and its Impact

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